Young Adult Ministry

Welcome to the Blessed Sacrament Parish’s Young Adult Ministry section!

We are a group of young adults who are interested in engaging with our faith and community and in finding ways to encounter God and to share the Truth with others through service, evangelization, and spirituality.
If you are 21 to 35 years old (or around that) please consider joining or reaching out to learn more about the group.

We welcome all people on their unique journey of faith, recognizing we all have ways to grow. Following Pope Francis’s theme in Christus Vivit, we aim to create a non-threatening environment where you can be comfortable asking difficult questions and sharing your personal thoughts and experiences.

Please fill out this FORM if you are interested in our group. If you would like more information before registering, please contact us at
We typically meet the first Sunday of the month at 6:00 PM for a discussion followed by Adoration and the third Saturday for a more active gathering before attending Mass at St. Matthew Church at 5:00 PM. When possible, we will be offering an in-person and virtual option to join in. 

Upcoming Events

Here is a brief look at some of our events in the upcoming months:

Topic         Purpose                                                    
Sunday, 6 PM on 12/6 
@ St. Bernard Parish Hall
“Who are we?” Discussing our identity as young adults and how we approach our lives and faith.
Saturday, 3 PM on 12/19 
@ St. Matthew Parish Hall
Baby Shower for Mary Serving the unborn and recognizing the sacredness of parenthood.
Sunday, 6 PM on 1/3 
@ St. Bernard Parish Hall
“What is Adoration?” Learning about the true Presence and beauty of Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
Saturday, 5 PM on 1/23 
@ St. Matthew Parish Hall
Game night and Invite a Friend to Mass Sharing faith and fun and welcoming others.
Sunday, 6 PM on 2/7 
@ St. Bernard Parish Hall

Divine Mercy

Contemplating the power of Mercy and forgiveness and how we fit into God’s plan for Salvation.

Saturday, Meeting time 
@ St. Matthew’s TBD
Divine Mercy Shrine Pilgrimage Joining Jesus on His Lenten journey into the desert for spiritual reflection.

Sunday, 6 PM on 3/7 
@ St. Bernard Parish Hall

“What are you doing to keep your Faith alive?”

Tending to the fire inside each of us and sharing our favorite prayers.

Saturday, 3 PM on 3/27 @ St. Matthew  Jesus in Jerusalem Decorating Church for Palm Sunday and celebrating a Seder dinner as Jesus did.

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