Getting things Done


…at the Blessed Sacrament Parish…
All activities are to be sponsored by one of the areas of focus of our parish mission. Evangelization, Spirituality, Service

Any activities published on the website, Facebook, bulletin or bulletin boards must be approved by Fr. Rick with the Mission Leadership Team. Submit these activities for approval through the appropriate Mission Team Leader. The Mission Team Leaders are the chairs of Spirituality, Service, and Evangelization.

PARISH CALENDAR (Reservations for All Parish Facilities)

Parish facilities are available ONLY for parish events, no personal or outside events may be scheduled. Exceptions for selected community events like Cornerstone and AA are granted by the Business Manager in consultation with the pastor, pastoral council, and Catholic Mutual.

Anyone scheduling a meeting or gathering in a room at the parish must have a reservation. All reservations for our parish facilities are booked in the parish calendar. Any events with outside speakers or presenters must be pre-approved by the Pastoral Council. 

The annual parish calendar is set at the end of March by the Mission Leadership Team for the coming fiscal year (July of the current year through June of the next year). 

All events and fundraisers for the next fiscal year (July to June) must be submitted using the Parish Event Form by March 15th. Any outside groups must send their request to the Business Manager for approval. The Mission Leadership Team will review all requests and work with the requestors to allocate spaces and resolve date conflicts. It is important that all major events be submitted by March 15th so that we can schedule the major parish events before the calendar is opened for open scheduling.

Parish-wide events that strive towards the parish mission and build our parish community will be given first priority on the parish calendar and facility use. Faith Formation classes and events will be given second priority followed by ministry events, ministry meetings, and then parish-related meetings and events.

Any available rooms for the current fiscal year that are not reserved in the annual parish calendar may be requested using the Parish Event Form or by calling Cheryl at extension 2, Carmen at x 105, or Stella at x 1. Always check the online calendar prior to requesting dates to see if the rooms are available.

Due to programmed locking/unlocking procedures for each location, all rooms must be reserved at least one week in advance.


Bulletin: Contact Amy Blanchard at

The official deadline is Monday by noon. Please note that the schedule is earlier for holidays.

Generally, announcements with specific details should be in the bulletin 2-3 weeks before the event. “Save the Date” can go in earlier.

Submit by email the exact wording for the announcement (edits may need to be made for space). This may be in the body of the email or attached as a Word document or Publisher file. Do not submit PDF files.

If the announcement is for an event that also occurred last year, submit a new announcement. Do not ask to use the “same as last year.”

If you wish to create your own announcement in Microsoft Publisher, Amy can send you the information to properly prepare it for the bulletin.

All graphics that are included must be licensed by the parish. For help in getting a graphic licensed from LPi (our bulletin company) or purchasing a graphic from, work with your mission team leader.

It is always best to get announcements in as early as possible – getting it in under the deadline doesn’t guarantee a spot in the bulletin. Especially with large announcements – earlier is much better.

Parish and Facebook News: Contact Amy Blanchard at

All news items will be selected from bulletin announcements.

Amy will post selected bulletin announcements in the parish Friday Morning eNews email and on the Blessed Sacrament Facebook Newsfeed. Amy will prioritize posting articles/events that will be happening sooner.

Facebook Events: Contact Rose Davis at

BSP Facebook events must be posted from the BSP Facebook account and may not originate from an individual’s Facebook account.

Requests to create BSP Facebook events must be submitted via the BSP Facebook Event Form at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Before an event may be added to Facebook events it must be approved as a parish bulletin announcement.

Posters: Contact Amy Blanchard at 

Amy will make the posters from the components from the bulletin announcements. She will compose the poster and send it to you for approval. Printing requires advance notice, be sure to allow a week lead time. 

Do not go to an outside printer for design or printing.  Please use only bulletin boards and do not thumb tack or tape signs to walls, doors or suspend from Hall ceilings.

Fr. Rick would like posters for every event. 


Any person speaking at a parish or ministry event at the Blessed Sacrament Parish must support Catholic teaching and the mission of The Blessed Sacrament Parish. Speakers must be approved by the pastor with input from the Pastoral Council. Please submit the name, biography, financial considerations, and proposed topics of a speaker to the appropriate Mission Team Leader well in advance of the proposed engagement: Service (, Spirituality (, Evangelization (


Fr. Rick determines the “Pulpit Announcement” for each weekend.


Contact Cheryl Cabaniss at

If it is a one-page or a double-sided page, 500 black & white copies can be printed.

8-1/2 x 11 pages that need to be copied, collated and stapled in the top left, Cheryl can copy and staple a few hundred.

A one-page doubled sided pamphlet can be made. The ministry can fold them. Booklets with more pages can be printed.  The ministry is responsible to staple and fold their booklets.

If something cannot be done by Cheryl, she will inform you to use Ellington Printery. We have an account there. Do not go to Staples or another printer.

Whatever is emailed or dropped off for printing is to be ready to print. Cheryl will not reformat or re-type etc. Please provide at least “3 days” notice to allow for a busy schedule or unforeseen events.

Committee members may be asked to make the copies under Cheryl's direction.

All printing for events at the Blessed Sacrament Parish is done through Cheryl at the St. Matthew office, unless the project is too large. Printed materials are to be picked up at St. Matthew.

If materials can be submitted a few weeks ahead of time, our bulletin company (LPI) will make copies for us, at no charge.
Questions, call Cheryl at 860-875-0753 ext. 2



Contact Rose Davis at  

For new web pages or modules; updates or changes to existing web content on the website. Include the following items with your request, if applicable:

Location on the BSP website where content is desired or updated

The title for the web page or module and the content

Documents that will be linked on the site for download. Documents to be downloaded are to be submitted in PDF format.

Image(s), with author name and documentation showing permission to publish the image(s). Images are to be in PNG format.

Links and the display name you want parishioners to see when they click on the link.

Parish email and phone #, if desired. No personal information.


If a form needs to be created, mockup the form in an MS Word document.

Include all the information you need to collect and display on the form

Indicate the email(s) that the form data will be sent to when the user clicks on ‘submit’.


Contact for streaming, Zoom meetings, and assistance with the projectors, sound systems, etc. in the parish.

Requests to live stream events should be approved by the Ministry Team Leader.

The dates and times should be included in the request.

Requests for Zoom meetings should indicate the date, length of the meetings, and the number of people who will be attending. The tech team zoom support people will be in contact to help you plan the details of your zoom meeting. Many of the ministry team leaders have zoom accounts and may be able to help committees set up and run their zoom meetings.

When in-person meetings are scheduled, the tech team can assist with the setup of the equipment and be present to handle any technical issues that come up during the meeting. Making your request early will help to get a team member assigned.


Contact the music ministry directors - Rebecca Urrutia or Norma Marchesani

For requests to have music at liturgical services, such as rosaries and novenas or other ministry-organized liturgies (excluding weddings and funerals).

Requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the service

Specify for which church you are requesting music. Music Ministry will do its best to accommodate special requests.

Click here to download a copy of the Protocol